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Cyber claims in legal practice

1 CPD unit
              Online                Complimentary

How can you reduce the risk?

How legal practices come under cyber attacks and what you can do to help secure your practice against cyber risks.

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When you discover a mistake

 1 CPD unit
              Online               CostComplimentary

What do you do when you discover a mistake?

Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s what you do after you discover the mistake that makes all the difference.

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Wills and Estates - Claims risks for solicitors

   3 CPD units               Online                  Cost $100

Course description

This course is divided into six modules and will cover will drafting and estate administration.

Each module represents a risk area within wills and estates and can be completed individually, in any order and in one or multiple sessions.

The modules are designed to:

  • Increase your knowledge and awareness of the risks and traps within this area of law
  • Provide practical understanding of how risk can be managed in everyday legal practice
  • Reduce the likelihood of exposure to professional negligence claims

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Lawcover Risk Management Education Program

For face to face event registrations please visit the registration booking site. 

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